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? what is heavy hydrocarbon

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Hydrocarbons are a group of organic materials that are made up mainly of carbon and hydrogen.

Atoms of sulfur, nitrogen and oxygen are usually substituted for carbon in hydrocarbons.

The higher the amount of sulfur in the hydrocarbon compounds,

the more it changes the physical behavior and causes a corrosive state.

Compounds become heavier and oil refining becomes more difficult.

The fewer substituents in the heavy hydrocarbon , the ligh

Heavy hydrocarbons

Heavy hydrocarbonat which is one of the inter-distillate fuels of oil refineries

, is a heterogeneous mixture of major constituents including alkyl, resin and asphaltene

, which, depending on the source, can form a significant portion of crude oil.

The prevalence of heavy hydrocarbon is expected to increase in the future as heavy oil reserves are increasinglyexploited as energy demand grows worldwide. Despite the increasing use of heavy hydrocarbon

the risk of these hydrocarbons to human health, the environment, and water reserves is often overlooked when assessed.

Although their human and environmental health risks are not considered, heavy hydrocarbonat are environmentally stable.

The range of distillation of heavy hydrocarbon varies from about 150 ° C to 385 ° C.

Understanding the importance of each element and the extent to which even one or more electrons are affected,

carbon is one of the most amazing elements known to man.

This element, which has the atomic number six on the right side of the periodic table of elements and the non-metal part,

despite having four empty orbitals in its last layer, although not as reactive as alkali metals

, is also able to lose the electrons of the last layer

and It becomes a positive ion and can also be converted to a negative ion by acquiring the same electrons

This factorin heavy hydrocarbon has led to the high potential for carbtry

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